Monday, October 20, 2014


It's been a while since I told a story about my strip club managing days.

I had a customer named Smitty who was a great customer. He was a nice guy and he was the first guy to tell me if the men's room was dirty or if he sensed trouble with some dancer. One time, he came to me and told me about a girl at another club.

Smitty didn't go to other clubs often but one time when he did, he saw a girl named Summer. He said she was the best looking dancer he had ever seen. He hated the club but he loved her and he thought she should be working for me. He obviously had a selfish reason for this because he wanted her at my club where the rooms were more comfortable and the dance prices were better but he also felt he would be helping her.

I trusted Smitty's judgement so I was sure this lady was beautiful. But I told him I didn't want to approach her and try to steal her away. I knew the manager of this other club and I didn't want to piss him off. I also didn't like the idea of managers trying to steal other girls away. If she came to me on her own, that was different.

Smitty understood. The next day, he told me he had been to the club again and talked to Summer in a private dance. She wanted to talk to me to find out about my club and me and maybe she would come over. She didn't want to come in to my club because she was afraid some customer of both clubs would see her and it would get back to the manager of her club. If she decided to stay there, she didn't want him to know she had been looking for a better place.

Smitty arranged for me to meet Summer for coffee at 4 PM that afternoon at a certain coffee shop. I asked him how I would recognize her. He said "She will be the most beautiful woman in the coffee shop".

I got there at 3:50. At 4:00 on the dot, a stunning woman walked in wearing a halter top and short shorts. I knew it was Summer. I also knew that she would be a great dancer at my club. I didn't even have to see her strip to know that.  She was 2/3 naked in the coffee shop.

I also really liked that she was on time. A lot of dancers are never on time for anything.

I told her about my club. She told me all the things she didn't like about the club where she was now working. Her biggest complaint was one rule.

She had another, full-time job which she didn't want to give up. She worked 9-5 at a business and then wanted to dance in the evenings to supplement her income. That is not unusual.

Like most strip clubs, her club was busiest on Friday and Saturday nights. On a good Saturday, she could make as much as she would make working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all together. What she really wanted to do was only work Friday and Saturday nights.

It was not just because of the money. The club required that if you worked evenings, you had to be there until closing. On Sunday through Thursday, that was 2 AM.

Except on Friday and Saturday nights, she had to be at work the next day by 9. It was a real problem for her to dance until 2 AM and then to get home and get sleep and get up and clean up in time to be at work by 9.

In this club, they had a rule.  You couldn't work Friday or Saturday unless you also took a weekday night.  In order to work Friday and Saturday nights, Summer also had to work two other nights per week.  She picked Monday and Wednesday.

She told me she made very little on those nights.  She said sometimes she would sit around the last hour or two and there would not be a single customer in the place.  But the club had another rule which was that you couldn't leave early.

So on those two nights, she would make very little money and only get about 4 hours sleep before she had to get up to go to her other job.  It was rough.  She told me that if I would let her work only Friday and Saturday nights, she would come to work for me.

We made that deal.  She was one of my best dancers.

I knew Tom, the guy who ran the club she'd left.  When he heard she was working for me, he called me and angrily accused me of stealing his best girl away.  He told me that in the past, some of my girls had gone to see about working for him and he had refused them out of some definition of ethics that I thought was bullshit.  I also thought his claim that any of my girls had gone to see him and he'd turned them down was bullshit on both ends.

What he was really mad about was that he had let Summer get away.  Not only did she come over but a lot of her customers came with her.  She was smart enough to do another week or two at his club before she came to work for me.  She told all her regulars where they'd be able to find her.

I would say that Summer boosted my business 25% on Fridays and Saturdays while I had her.  The guys who came in to see her would also get dances with other girls.

That was what Tom was mad about but he was also mad that I didn't have the same silly rules he had about how you couldn't leave before closing time even if the club was empty or how you had to work Tuesday in order to work Saturday.  His girls started asking him why they had to put up with those rules when the girls at my club didn't.

Summer worked for me for about six months, then she told me she was giving up dancing due to personal issues in her life.  She didn't explain what they were and I didn't ask.  She said she wasn't sure if she would go back to it.

I made her an offer.  If she came back to it, I would give her a better split on dance prices.  I didn't do that for many girls but she was worth it.  Hell, it would have been worth it to me to let her keep all the money the guys paid for dances with her.

She said that was very sweet of me and if she did go back to dancing, it would be at my club.  Sadly, I don't think she ever went back to dancing.

She did come by one time to visit.  I told her she looked great and urged her to get back into dancing.  She said "You wouldn't want me in about two months.  That's when I'll probably be showing".  She was pregnant.  She said she wanted to be a mother and not a dancer.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Being Approached

Why do some dancers put no effort in to approaching customers?  I was at a club the other day on a weeknight and it wasn't all that busy. I had gotten a few dances from a few different ladies (one of which I am a regular of). Later that night I saw a dancer I hadn't seen before (we'll call her Jasmin). She was gorgeous, she had a great natural body, probably the best girl I've ever seen in a strip club.

Anyway, I wanted to get a couple dances from her. I sat along the stage when it was her time to perform and I tipped her well. There were a couple other guys that also were tipping but it didn't look like they were giving as much as I was. When all the other dancers perform they always introduce themselves, thank you for the tip, and rub their tits on your face. This girl did none of that but I still wanted a dance from her cause she was that hot.

I've never had a problem with dancers approaching me and asking if I wanted a dance. I'm in my early 30's, not over weight, clean, freshly shaved, and I smell good. So I figured she would come up to me at the bar at some point that night. When she got off stage she went straight to the dressing room.

A little while later I was talking with a dancer I had gotten a dance from earlier that evening (we'll call her Summer). She asked if there was someone else I wanted a dance from. She mentioned how it was a slow night and some of the dancers were complaining about it yet they weren't putting in any effort in regards to approaching customers. I let mentioned which girl I was hoping to get a dance from so she said she would go tell Jasmin that I was hoping to get a dance from her. I saw Summer walk up to Jasmin and motion over to me. Summer came back and said Jasmin was going on stage next but she would come find me when she was done. I thanked Summer and gave her a tip.

I went back along the stage and tipped Jasmin even better than I did before. Once again there was only 2-3 other guys, none of them tipping as much as I was. I would have asked Jasmin to come see me after she was done but she never really got close enough to be able to ask her.

I went back over by the bar near the stage when she was done. After she got off stage I thought she was walking up to me so I said hi and asked how she was doing. She barely gave me a response and then got a water and headed back for the changing room.

A few minutes later Summer came up to me and asked if I talked to Jasmin. I said no, Summer said she had just come from the changing room and she didn't see Jasmin back there so she didn't know where she went.

A little while later Jasmin came back out and got up on a table with a pole and started dancing even though no one was watching. Summer made eye contact with her and motioned toward me but Jasmin just kind of shook it off. Then Summer went up to talk to Jasmin. Jasmin then finally came up to me and asked if I wanted a dance.

We went to the booths and the dance was a little disappointing. She just kind of went through the motions during the 4 songs. She took her top off and let me squeeze her tits and she grinded on me, but she wasn't rubbing her tits all over me like all the other dancers do.

I don't regret getting the dances cause she was a ten and at least she let me play with her tits. I guess it makes sense that the hottest girls usually put the least amount of effort into lap dances.

I was at this club for several hours, and the lap dance with this girl occurred about an hour and a half before the club closed and it wasn't all that busy. I can understand that when it's busy a hot girl can be picky about who she gives a laps dance to. But I didn't see her talking with any guys the entire time I was there. She seemed more interested I talking with one of the other dancers and watching one of the other dancers then she was about making money.

Why would she come to work if she didn't seem to care about making money?

I think some ladies feel depressed and embarrassed when they ask a lot of guys for dances and get turned down.  So they just wait for their regulars to come in.  I know at least one girl who really feels that way.  She goes to the club on certain nights to meet certain guys who will probably come in.

Also, some girls are really sensitive about moving in on another dancer's customer.  About a year ago, I went to a club where I always see a dancer I'll call Honey.  I went in and Honey wasn't around.  I think she was in the back with another customer.

So I'm sitting there and this other dancer comes over, plops herself down on my lap and throws her arms around my neck and sticks her tits in my face.  She was welcoming me and being charming and sexy and friendly and she asks my name and tells me hers and I really feel like I'm being sold.

That's OK.  I don't mind it if the girl knows when to take no for an answer.  The thing is that I'm there to see Honey and didn't have enough money on me to get dances from two girls.  I didn't want to waste this girl's time so I told her I was there to see someone.  I said truthfully "You're awfully cute but I came in to see a friend of mine and financially, I can't do right by two girls tonight".

The minute she heard I was there to see someone else, she leaped off my lap and almost began crying and saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't know".  I told her it was OK and that some time I might come by and get a dance with her but she really acted like she'd committed some horrible crime by coming on to Honey's customer.  Later Honey told me that when they were in the back getting ready to do a lineup, this girl apologized to her.

It was not a big deal.  Honey would not have minded if I'd gotten a dance with another girl.  After all, she was doing dances with other guys.  She might have minded if I only got one with her and didn't tip so I'd have money for the other girl but she wasn't outraged by the thought of me getting a dance with someone else.

Obviously, this girl had a bad experience where she did make an enemy of another dancer because she unknowingly hit on her customer.  That is why some girls don't approach guys.  Yes, they want to make money but they like the idea that they won't hit on other girls' customers and those girls won't hit on hers.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Being Sent Home

I had an interesting experience the other day.  There is a club I go to often and there is a dancer there I like a lot.  Most of the time when I go, it's because she texts me and lets me know she's working.

Yesterday afternoon, she was working but when she texted me around Noon to tell me, I texted her back that I was busy and too tired to go.  She texted back she understood.

Around 3 PM, she texted me to ask if I could come out and buy a few dances from her.  She said she hadn't sold a single dance and the manager was saying things about how maybe he shouldn't put her on the lineup anymore.  I don't know why no one was buying dances because she's very cute and IMHO, the best looking dancer in the club.

I texted her back that I was coming to her rescue.  I shaved, showered and got dressed and got in my car and began driving to the club which is about 40 minutes away.  I left my house at 3:30.  At 3:50 when I was halfway there, she called me in the car to say that the manager had sent her home.  She still hadn't sold a dance and he said he had other girls who were eager to work who might do better.  They have some sort of limit on how many dancers they want to have working at a time.

She protested that she had a good customer on the way in but he said "Tough" and made her leave.  She is not sure if she is still welcome to work at that club.

You can imagine how I felt.  I asked her if she wanted to get together anyway but she was too upset.

I don't know why the club sent her home.  Is this kind of thing normal?

Well, it is not abnormal for strip club managers to not be too smart.  It is also not unusual for them to treat all their dancers as interchangeable and to not give a shit if they lose one or piss one off.

I would be curious to know some things about the club that day.  Were there a lot of customers there?  Were other girls selling a lot of dances and not just to their regulars?

It is not unusual for a club to blame the dancers when business is not good.  The run the club badly.  They do no advertising or ineffective advertising.  They don't post their roll calls on the internet or a phone recording.  They make the club unpleasant for customers.  They drive away good dancers or don't do a good job making sure they have enough of them present for every shift.

And then when profits are down, they blame the dancers because there is nobody in the place.

This seems to have happened around the first of the month.  It is common at clubs to get calls from dancers around that time to say "Can I work a few more days?  I'm having trouble coming up with the rent".  That may be what happened there.  Possibly, the manager wanted to make room for some dancer he likes personally or owes a favor.

It does happen that even the best, hottest dancers have days when they don't do so well.  If you're a brunette, there are days when every guy who walks in wants a blonde.

I have no advice except that if this kind of thing happens again, your friend should find another place to work.  If she's as pretty as you say, she should be able to do that.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

From the Strip Club Hound

I haven't asked this in a while but I'd like to ask again that if you enjoy this blog, tell others.  Post links on other boards where people write about strip clubs.

I do not take advertising.  I do not charge admission.  I just ask that you spread the word.  I would like to get more readers here.  Thank you.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Credit Card Surcharges

Is their some reasonable rationale for certain clubs (I’m thinking of one in Lennox at the moment) charging a ten percent surcharge on all credit card charges?  I know that credit card companies charge some fee on the charges, and that credit card banks may charge other fees, but ten percent is a bit much.  I would think that clubs would want to encourage big spenders to charge, particularly with the ridiculous limits and fees that most of their ATMs charge.  Seems counterintuitive, like they intend to rub salt in the wound for the big spenders.

They charge it because they can get it.  Some people do not mind paying it because they're on expense accounts on business trips.

In the club I managed, I sometimes had a customer ask to speak to the manager and he would ask how a credit card charge would read.  Would it have the name of the club or would it be something that didn't give away it was a strip club?

I would assure him the company name didn't give away it was a strip club so if he charged lap dances and other expenses, it would not be obvious.

The ones who asked me all seemed concerned that their employers would find out but I suppose some were concerned about their wives looking at the credit card bills.

Strip clubs charge it because they can get it and also because it is sometimes difficult to collect on those.  I had a $1000 limit on charges but I heard stories of guys who would charge several thousands of dollars to their cards and then deny they were ever in the club.  Some club owners may feel they have to get a little more on credit card purchases because they are more of a risk.

Now that I am not in the business I can recommend that if you go to a strip club, you leave your credit card home.  It is not just the heavy surcharge.  It is also the temptation.  With a credit card, it is sometimes easy to not realize how much you are spending.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Low Mileage???

The other day here I posted about a dancer who offered me a blow job, including coming in her mouth and shooting the experience on my cell phone for $100.

I just spotted a review of her on one website.  The guy described her as "low mileage."

I'm guessing that review tells us more about the reviewer than it does about the girl.  I'm guessing she didn't offer him that because he didn't bathe or tip or talk nicely to her.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I Thought I'd Heard Everything

I'll bet I've been in more strip clubs and gotten more private dances than anyone reading this blog.  Every so often, something happens that still surprises me.

I was in a club the other night.  There was a dancer who I'm sure a lot of guys would have found attractive.  She wasn't my type but you might have loved her.

She was hitting me up for dances and I wasn't interested in her.

In a very sweet way, she offered me a blow job for $100.  When I was younger, I might have jumped at that no matter what she looked like.  Now, I look for more of a Girl Friend Experience and a quick blow job is usually too impersonal.

I guess she was surprised that I said no.  She whispered to me that I could come in her mouth.

Again, I would have jumped at that years ago.  If I hadn't said yes the first time, I would have said yes this time.

I thanked her but said no.

All of this has happened to me before including the part when I said no.

Then she made an offer I've never heard before.  She said "Do you have a cameraphone?  You could shoot a movie or take photos of me sucking your cock".

It takes a lot to surprise me in a strip club but that did it.

I thought for a second.  The lighting in those private booths is shit.  My cameraphone wouldn't have picked up much.

Also, this was not a club that had a lot of super high mileage.  A dancer who knows where the cameras are will usually know how to do something like that so all the camera sees is the back of her head.  If I had my cameraphone out and was shooting, that would have made it pretty obvious.

I said no.

I left wondering if I had just gotten a preview of strip clubs of the future.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why Some Dancers Don't Make More Money

The other night I was in a club and I saw a dancer on stage I thought was absolutely beautiful.  I'm sure some men wouldn't have gone for her but she was just my type.

What was her name?  I don't know.  This was one of those clubs where you can't hear a fucking thing the disc jockey says.  I don't understand why the management doesn't correct that.  Why even have a disc jockey if you can't understand what he's saying.

If he said the dancer's name, I couldn't make it out.

She did two dances on stage.  By the end of the first one, she was topless and I was ready to commit to several private dances with her if she didn't have a penis when the bottoms came off.

She didn't.

She finished her dance, left the stage and I never saw her again.

This was around 11 PM.  It was too late for the early shift to be leaving so I don't think she was through for the night.  I was there for the next hour and I never saw her.

I do not understand why a dancer finishes her set on stage and doesn't make a tour of the room, smiling at everyone and thanking the guys who tipped her on the stage.  That is when a guy like me was most likely to flag her down and get some private dances, which is the only way these girls make any real money these days.

When she left the stage, I assumed she was going to get dressed, freshen up a little bit and come out and work the room.

Twenty minutes later when she hadn't showed, I asked a waitress to go tell her she had a customer ready to buy dances.  The trouble was I couldn't tell the waitress her name.  I tried to describe her but the waitress couldn't figure out which dancer I was talking about.  It was too late to say "two dancers ago" or "four dancers ago".

I tipped the waitress and she went to the disc jockey to ask if he had a list of the last five dancers because I figured she was one of them.  The disc jockey was no help.

This club does not do roll calls on stage.

After more than an hour of not seeing this dancer, I left.  It was her loss.  I had a lot of money on me and I was ready to spend a lot of it on her.

When I got home, I had a message from a dancer at another club telling me how she was thinking of giving up dancing because she wasn't making any money.  Things are rough these days but I think a lot of it is that no one is training these girls how to do anything but take their clothes off.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dancer's Complaint

I dance at a Deja Vu.  Things are tight but I've always been able to rely on one special customer who comes in once a week to see me.  He is my true big spender.  Every Thursday night he comes in when we run the $100 half-hour and he buys at least two and sometimes three.  Then he tips me at least $100 and often $200 and on my birthday two months ago, he gave me $400.  Obviously, I count a lot on this guy to help me make my rent each month.  He sometimes spends another $100 or $200 on tipping other stage dancers or getting privates with them.

Last night, he came in and we did three half-hours dances and he tipped me $200.  After we came out, we wanted to sit and talk a while so he sat down on a couch and I went back to the dressing room to freshen up and put the money in my locker.

At this Deja Vu, they have all sorts of special deals about sitting in certain booths.  I have never understood them and neither have any of the dancers I asked about this.  It seems you have to pay a certain fee to sit in the booths on one side of the room.  In all my time dancing at this club, I think I've only seen one or two parties sit there on a crowded Saturday night and I don't think they paid for the privilege because they knew someone.

My great customer sits on the couch waiting for me to return and while I'm gone, a manager goes up to him and says that's a V.I.P. couch and he can't sit there.  He wasn't hurting anyone and there were no V.I.P.s in the club who wanted to sit on that silly couch.  There's nothing special about that couch. and the club was practically empty.

My customer got annoyed at the manager's tone and he said, "Fine.  I won't sit anywhere in this crappy club of yours" and he said he wouldn't be back and asked him to tell me the same thing.  Then he walked out.

When the manager told me about this, I thought he was crazy.  This was a guy who just spent $500 in the club and who dependably spends at least that much each week and they're driving him away because of some stupid rule about a stupid couch that no one ever sits on anyway at a time when the club is almost empty!

The manager tells me rules are rules, which is bullshit.  I see him bending rules all the time for his friends.

I don't know what to do about this.  I'm not sure I can survive without this customer's weekly spending on me.  I would contact him and beg him to come back but don't have any way of contacting him.

Well, one of the first rules of being a dancer these days is to get an email address or cell phone number for any steady or affluent customer.  A lot of dancers set up separate email accounts like with GMail for their dancer correspondence.  Some of them even get a separate cell phone like one of those pay as you go cell phones they sell at Walmart so they can stay in touch with customers without giving out too much personal information or mixing their business with their personal lives.

What if you suddenly had to change clubs?  How would your regulars find you?

I spoke recently to a dancer who has this down to a science.  She has a separate cell phone number.  She exchanges this number with any customer she wants to have come in and see her.  When she gets to work, she takes a nude selfie that doesn't show her face or has one of the other girls take it for her.  Then she texts the pic to some guys with a little message that says "I'd love to see you".

It reminds them that she's at work and that she's naked.  She thinks half her customers are there because of these messages.

She occasionally works different clubs.  She sends out texts to tell the guys where she's working and when.

So that's the second thing you're doing wrong.  The first is you're working for idiots.

I swear, I have heard so many stories of stupid strip club managers, I'm sometimes ashamed to admit I used to be one.

The guy's first mistake was probably that he's unaware of who the big spending regulars are in his club.  You cannot make intelligence decisions if you don't know that.

If he did know that guy was a big spending regular and he pulled that shit about the couch anyway, then he's really a moron.

Strip club managers need to understand they are in the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS!  Their number one concern is to make sure the customer feels welcome and has a good time.

You say he lets his friends sit on that couch without paying.  He should treat every guy who walks in like his friends.  He should especially do that with a guy who is spending $600 or $700 every week!

There's nothing you can do about idiot strip club managers but you can build up a customer list.  If nothing else, that will help you if the manager drives you to another club.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Roll Calls

At the club I frequent (DVNH), they use to do stage roll calls (blue lights) on the hour, during daytimes. At night, it is usually every 30 minutes, sometimes as much as every 15-20 minutes.

But now during days, they NEVER do stage roll calls. They do blue lights on the floor, but have don't do stage roll calls.

Does it make much strip club business sense NOT to do stage roll calls? For me, I don't like it, because I don't get to examine the merchandise before getting a dance. And the girls usually never come out.

What do you think? Good or bad for business NEVER to do stage roll calls.

I have been to Deja Vu North Hollywood though only in the evenings. It's a good club but odd in that sometimes, it's packed and sometimes, it's empty and the girls I asked all said they had no idea why the crowds were so unpredictable. There are some nights when there are 20 girls on the stage and 3 guys in the house.

I don't really understand their roll calls. They hustle all the girls out there and the girls stand there awkwardly, clustered together so you can't really see them. (It also doesn't help that they keep their stage too dark with too many trick lighting effects).

Then the D.J. calls off some names of girls that his computer screen tells him should be on stage and sometimes aren't as the girls walk off. No attempt is made to identify any of the girls by name which might help if some guy saw a girl he liked and wanted to ask a waitress to fetch her.

Sometimes, a guy gets up on stage with them and acts like anyone gives a shit about him being up there. If I was managing a club right now, I would do away with that and with the stupid bit where they bring up a guy who's having a birthday party or bachelor party and have a few girls give him a lap dance then have him give one of them a lap dance. I know it generate some tip money for the D.J. but it's stupid and audiences hate it. My rule would be nobody on the stage who has a penis.

I don't think it makes any sense to not do roll calls and it doesn't make a lot of sense to do them the way DVNH does in the evening. Try having the girls parade across the stage in a line and be identified by name. There are many good things about that club but they should light the stage better and give you a chance to see the girls and to know their names.

BTW, DVNH has two big TV screens on either side of the stage that run promotional videos. If there's no cute woman on stage and you're bored, try watching the videos and see how many spelling mistakes you can spot in them. There are usually a lot of them.