Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vivid Cabaret

Last Saturday night, my current lady friend and I went out with two friends of ours, Pam and Sid.  My lady friend and Pam are both former dancers.  My friend used to dance at the Jet Strip and Pam used to bounce around between Deja Vus and Rhinos.  Since they are all aware of my interest in strip clubs, they thought I might like to go to a club I'd never visited before.

Ordinarily, I would.  I try to visit every strip club I can because I am fascinated with how different ones are run.  Even though I don't expect to ever be back in that business, I am interested to even visit the badly-runs ones to see why they are badly-run.  Usually though I prefer to visit a new club alone so I can leave any time I want to.  I have left some clubs in 15 minutes or less.

We had a nice barbecue dinner at the house Pam shares with Sid.  They brought in food from Bludso's, which has great ribs.  Then we went over to the Vivid Cabaret on Del Amo.  It is a beautiful building and it was packed.  I was amazed at how many couples there were there.  I can't recall seeing such a high percentage of male-female couples in a strip club.  They were all having a good time drinking and partying and a lot of them didn't seem to be paying any attention to the stage or the girls circulating.

The club is topless so there is alcohol and I got the impression that most of those there had come to drink and party and didn't care a lot about the dancers.  There were very few men who had come alone.  Most of the private dances that were being sold seemed to be being bought by groups of men who had come together and were buying dances for each other.

I asked a dancer to explain the pricing structure to me.  She said dances were $20 each or you could buy a half-hour for $300.  I asked how long the dances were.  She said they were exactly 3 minutes.  Just for fun, I later timed a few and they seemed to be close to 3 minutes.

I pointed out to her that if I bought dances at $20 each and bought a half-hour's worth, that would be $200.  Why were they charging $300?  She said she didn't know but a lot of guys paid it.

There were other options for private dances including some fancy booths but they all seemed overpriced.  I didn't get a dance while we were there but I can't imagine a place that looked this classy and had so many couples and a liquor license would have real hot dances.

Most of the girls I saw walking around were very cute.  We were there about a half hour and I think we saw three girls on stage with some long time between them.  The stage is large and fills much of one wall but it felt distant from the customers.  The disc jockey works from a high platform to the left of the stage.  More about him in a moment.

Two of the dancers did some very impressive pole work but only about 25% of the crowd seemed to be looking at them.  I have never been in a strip club where the strippers mattered so little.  The same dancer who explained the pricing to me said she makes pretty good money here even though she doesn't do a lot of dances.  She says the customers are real good tippers and that they often tip her well for just sitting and joining their party for a half hour of conversation.

The bar is along the back wall with a neat wall painting of a car over it.  A bit in front of the bar, there is a big steel cage.  The disc jockey was announcing there would be a steel cage stripper fight in there later.  I was curious about what that would be like but my curiosity wasn't great enough to overcome the headache I was getting from the music.  It was too fucking loud.  When we first came in, it annoyed everyone in my party and we changed seats twice, which was not easy to do because the place was so crowded.  We found a spot which my friends thought was OK but it was still too fucking loud for me.  I finally asked if we could leave.

I did not have a good time, mostly because of the music.  The dancing was very good but distant.  I felt like I was watching a video, not a live dancer in the same room as me. The stripping was well done but not sexy.  I don't know how all the other couples there managed it but we could not have much of a conversation at our table.  We had planned to stay a few hours but we left after 30 minutes and I will not be back.  I'm sure the management will not miss my business because like I said, the place was packed.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No Money in Dancing?

Back in a message a month ago, I wrote about a new dancer I had met at a club.  It was her first week and she was one of the best looking dancers I have seen in a long time.  She is older but looks about 22 and she has a great body with large, real breasts and a tight butt and great legs.  She is also very pretty.  I said then that when I was managing a strip club, she was exactly the kind of dancer I wanted to hire.  My customers would have loved her.

We exchanged emails that night and we've been writing back and forth since then.  Her messages are all about how she hasn't been making any money.

This shocks me.  If you saw how good this girl looks, it would shock you.  She reminds me of one of my favorite Playboy Playmates, Neriah Davis.  Imagine if you saw that girl in a strip club and no one wanted to buy dances with her.

She did OK her first week at the club I went to.  She did so poorly the next week that she decided to try another club.  Two other girls at the first club told her they were going to try a club down south a bit and she went there.  She has since tried two other clubs.  With her permission, I will quote this from a recent email to me.  I have taken out the name of the club.

At the most recent club, I worked three nights and made $600.  That may not sound bad but $500 of that was from one customer who came in and bought dance after dance.  If that one guy had not come in, I would have been making less than I made right out of high school waiting tables at the Red Lobster on the Brea Mall.

I lived near the Brea Mall so I could almost walk to work.  Now since I don't want friends and family to know I'm dancing, I am driving an hour to distant clubs and lying to them about what I'm doing.  At Red Lobster, I didn't have to wear those fucking heels or spend a half hour on my makeup or put up with guys grabbing my ass as much.  They did sometimes at Red Lobster but my ass was better covered there and I could get them to stop.

The third night at that club, I worked seven hours and made $40.  I probably spent $10 in gas getting to and from work.  At one point, I felt so frustrated that I went out in the smoking patio where there was no one around and I just cried.  I ruined my makeup but I couldn't help myself.

That one guy who spent money on me came in on Wednesday night.  I am planning to work there next Wednesday hoping he will come back in.  He spent about a thousand and my cut was $500.  He asked me for my phone number but I didn't give it to him.  Dora [another dancer] suggested I go to Walmart and buy one of those cheap cell phones and give him that number.  She says what she would do is just arrange to meet the guy somewhere and let him spend a thousand just on me.  She says that if he's willing to spend that kind of money just to touch me in a strip club, he'd be willing to spend at least that much to meet me at a motel or at his place.  Of course, she is talking about sex for money and I am not sure I want to take that step.

She says that is the only way she makes money dancing now.  She cannot make it dancing so she dances to meet guys to see on the outside.  She says she is very fussy and very cautious and says no to 19 out of 20 guys who ask if she is available outside the club.  I don't want to take that step but I owe money and I can't think of what else to try.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Race Relations

A dancer was talking to me about racism in strip clubs, specifically black dancers vs white dancers.

Do white dancers really make more money?

Do black strippers get turned down by management when interviewing?

Do customers prefer white strippers?

Also, I noticed that the management was all black including the bouncers, but most of the women were white.

Thus, the dancer who I was talking to was indeed correct at least in this club. What is your experience both managing and what are your observations and thoughts. How do your dancer friends feel about this? 

When I was managing, there was no racial consideration.  My goal in hiring was to have as diverse a group of dancers as possible.  Obviously, I was limited to the girls who came in and applied for work but I never turned anyone down for reasons of race.

Not only was that repugnant to me, it would have been stupid.  I wanted guys who walked into the club to have a wide range from which to choose.  When the lineup was at its best, I had tall girls, short girls, younger girls, older girls, skinny girls, heavier girls, girls with huge breasts, girls with small breasts and girls of every color.

If anything, we did not have enough minorities.  I especially wished we had more Asian dancers.  Customers were always letting me know they wanted that.  We would get phone calls from guys asking if we had Asian dancers that night.

At least in my club, white dancers did not make more money than black dancers.  A dancer's earnings had to do with how pretty she was and how sexy her dances were.  There were certainly customers who preferred white girls or black girls the same way we had customers who preferred big tits versus small tits or heavy girls versus skinny girls.

There are clubs that seem to have mostly black dancers.  There used to be a number of them in Gardena but I understand one has closed and the others have more white dancers than they used to.  I can imagine that at times a club that gets a heavy black clientele might want more black dancers but I have no first hand knowledge of that.

I can also imagine a club turning down women of some race or getting fussier about accepting new dancers of some race because they're trying to maintain a diversity on their stage.  I never had to think about that but if I'd suddenly had twenty black girls come in looking to dance, I might have worried about disturbing the balance.

Keep in mind my managing experience was in Southern California.  I don't know how it is in some areas where race might be more of an issue.

I should also add that I have seen white customers who go in looking for black dancers.  They have had white girl friends and maybe married a white woman and now when they hit the strips clubs, they want something different.

Mostly though, I haven't seen it be an issue.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

In a Public Place

A question for the Strip Club Hound. On two separate occasions I ran into dancers I know out in the public. One was at a fast food store, accompanied by another man, the other was very recently in the lobby at a local grocery store.She was with another guy and a small child. In both instances I made eye contact, but did not approach the girls, maybe just a slight nod of my head. I know most dancers are worried about remaining anonymous while outside the clubs, what is the proper protocol if this situation arises?

It is the same thing dancers should do if they run into you in public when you're with your wife or girl friend. Pretend you don't know the person. You have no idea what she has told the person or persons she is with. You have no idea what damage you may cause by striking up a conversation or even saying hello and forcing the dancer to explain to the other people who you are and where you know her from.

It may not hurt to give her a smile and a nod but you probably shouldn't even do that.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Two Questions

I just went to the Rhino in Vegas and struck up a conversation with a dancer. She immediately asked if I was married. Why do dancers ask if you are married? I go to clubs to get away from it all. Is this common?

If I volunteer the information then no problem, but if I don't they should not ask. Please ask your dancer friends if they ask their customers if they are married right off the bat.

I asked three and they all said no.  I also asked them why some girls would.  The answer I got was that it can give a dancer a better idea of what the guy wants.  Is he there looking for a mistress?  Is he perhaps looking for some sort of long term relationship with the right dancer?

One of them said "I try to be the kind of girl he wants within reason.  The more I know about him, the more I can become the kind of girl he wants to visit once a week or more often".

A lot of guys go to clubs to get away from it all and a lot of them like to talk about their wives with the dancer and complain about their wives.

For about two years, I had a very good relationship with a dancer at a Deja Vu club.  I would go in every week on Thursday night and get two $100 half hour dances with her and I would tip her an additional $50.  That hour was the high point of my week and it was worth the $250 to me.  I felt very alive and handsome with her and the rest of the week, I would think often about her.  She was a very beautiful and understand lady.

We exchanged cell numbers and we would text back and forth during the week.  On Thursday, I would text her to say "I'll be there at 10" and she would text back "Can't wait to feel your hands on my skin" and other nice things.  We talked about getting together outside the club but she always said "Maybe one of these days" and "I have some private things going on in my life that make that impossible right now".

About six weeks ago, she disappeared.  She stopped working that Deja Vu and none of the other people I asked there had any idea what happened to her.  She has not responded to my texts.  I am worried about her and I feel I need closure.  If she simply doesn't want me in her life, I need to hear that.  If I did something wrong, I need to hear that so I can apologize or at least understand.

Is there a way of tracking down dancers?  I went to one other club because their online roll call had what turned out to be another dancer using the same name.  Can you help me?

The best way I can help you is to tell you to forget her.  I can also tell you that the reason she has disappeared almost certainly has nothing to do with you.

Dancers disappear all the time.  That is one main reason why they don't use or give out their real names.  That is so they can disappear.

She has almost certainly stopped dancing.  If she had merely moved to another club, she would have made sure you knew and that other girls at the club knew so her regulars could follow her there.

There are a million reasons why she could have decided to quit.  She may have a guy in her life.  She may have had to leave town for some reason.  She may have gotten a better job than dancing.

It is not uncommon for dancers to sever all ties to their dancing life when they give it up.

There is no way of tracing her unless she gave you a lot of personal info.

All I can tell you is that if she wanted you in her current life, she would contact you.  However, I would not take it personal.  It can be as simple as her deciding to change her life and move to another city.  I was once involved with a dancer who was in L.A. because she was trying to break into acting.  One day, she decided it was never going to happen for her so she just packed up and moved back to Ilinois.  I was the only person she told and I have no way of reaching her.

This happens with a lot of people not just dancers.  It probably has nothing to do with you so just enjoy the memories.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Strip Club Visit

Last week, a friend was in town.  The last time I was in his city, he treated me to a night at a local strip club and insisted on paying for everything, including the lap dances.  I felt I should return the favor.  We met up out in the valley and it was up to me to pick where we would go.

A few weeks ago, I would have picked Deja Vu North Hollywood but that was before they installed a live webcam on their stage.  I was not worried we'd be on camera since the camera is angled to exclude the audience but the camera seems to have made a lot of the best girls quit.

I also think it makes the club look very cold and impersonal.  The girls do not look good on the camera and there is very little sense that they are interacting with anyone.  If someone were to ask me the two things that really bother me about dancers on stage, one would be when they don't take off the clothes they're supposed to take off.  A nude club should have dancers who get nude, not dancers who leave a lot of clothes on but show you their tits.

The other thing that bothers me is when the dancers don't seem to care about the customers.  It sometimes happens in a club that a dancer is on stage and no one is looking at her.  The club isn't crowded at that moment and the customers who are there are paying attention to people they're sitting with.  I can forgive dancers for just going through the motions in those situations.  If they give the exact same performance when there are men watching them, especially men at the rail, that is not good form.

Smile at the customers.  Make eye contact with the ones you can see.  (Too many clubs light the stage in a way that makes it hard for dancers to see who's looking at them.)  Make sure the guys know that you know they're looking at you and you're glad to have them look.

The girls on the Deja Vu webcam don't seem to be aware that anyone is looking at them in the club or at home.  It makes the dancers look bad and it makes the club look cold and impersonal.

I am a big believer that strip clubs do not make enough use of social media and the internet.  It is simply shitty management that they don't post lineups and don't update their websites and don't realize how Twitter is a license to bombard customers with advertising.  However, I think this webcam deal will do more harm than good for the club, especially when it drives good dancers away.

So I crossed Deja Vu off the list.  I found the Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys to be cold and impersonal even without cameras so we didn't go there.  I found VIP Showgirls to be loud and empty and the last time I was there, the lapdance area was patrolled by a mean looking guy who glared at you like he was daring you to enjoy the experience.

We wound up at the Bare Elegance Valley which is out on Sepulveda.  I had not been there since it was the Valley Ball many years ago.  It was a decent club back then and I only stopped going there because I had a personal issue with one of the managers.  After he was gone, I didn't return because I made the mistake of believing some bad online reviews.

I have to keep reminding myself how a lot of guys who go to a strip club and post that they had a bad time are full of shit.  I keep reading reviews where some guy goes to a nude club and complains there's no alcohol or he goes at 6:30 PM and complains there aren't a lot of girls there or goes to a club in an area where the law will not allow it and expects sex.  What the hell are these guys thinking?

Of course, you always see guys who complain because the club didn't have their favorite kind of dancer there at the time.  At the club I managed, a customer who came in often would go on a dating BBS in the pre-internet days and complain he found the girls ugly.  The girls at my club were not ugly by any stretch of the imagination.  He kept coming in to my club and not finding what he wanted and going off and posting that opinion.  Finally, I cornered him and asked if he really found this girl or that girl ugly because I thought they were Playboy centerfold material.  One was a Penthouse Pet and there were no ugly Penthouse Pets.

His answer was that to him, beauty was a black girl over 200 pounds.  I didn't have any of those.

Anyway, when I set foot in the Bare Elegance Valley, I could see the bad reviews were stupid.  The club has not been kept up well.  It needs painting and new furniture and a lot of repair work but the mood and the girls were great!  There were about 20 girls working and I thought at least 10 of them were really fine.  That's a great percentage.  This was a Friday night and several of the girls told me it was great to work there Fridays and Saturdays but that other nights were sometimes kind of dead.

The place was very alive and friendly.  The stage is an odd shape with stairs and an area at the top of them that puts too much distance between the dancers and the customers.  In fact, there were a lot of little things I could argue with including the fact that the guy taking the money at the door was doing the job of about eight different people also playing disc jockey and manager so he was pretty frantic.  But everybody was having a great time!  Even the girls seemed happy to be there.

I bought my friend two private dances and I got two myself.  I found a girl with an amazing body and we just spent the whole time rubbing our hands over each other.  My friend had a good time, too.  I didn't like the loudness of the music or the parking fees but I liked pretty much everything else about this club.  I think it's going to profit from Deja Vu's webcams.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Question Time!

From time to time a dancer will offer me her cell number. If I like her I'll take it. The reason I do is if I know I'm going to the club I can text her and ask what day she working and what shift. But I'm beginning to think its a bad idea. I tell all the girls I meet, I only come in once a month. But twice now two girls have texted me and said when you coming in to see me?  When I say it hasn't been a month yet the texts stop. No goodbye or talk to u later. Which I feel is rather rude. I'm thinking of starting a new rule. No accepting phone numbers. How do you handle texting?

I have had no trouble with it.  If she's texting to ask you when you're coming in, she's probably texting lots of guys to ask that and doesn't have time to chat with each one.  Don't think of it as rude.

Your piece of webcams in clubs scared me a lot. I am married and my wife would be very upset if she found out I went to strip clubs. I don't even go to ones near our home because I'm afraid someone who knows me will recognize me there and it will get back to my wife. Are there really cameras in clubs that capture my image?

There are in some. I have never heard of a club saving these images unless someone causes trouble. Think of it this way. If you go to K-Mart, there is probably a security camera somewhere that captures an image of you. They watch out for shoplifters, after all. Have you ever had anyone find out you were in K-Mart because of those cameras?

What percentage of dancers in clubs are lesbians?

I get this question a lot and I've answered it before. I've probably said something different every time since my sense of this keeps changing. Ignore what I said before.

It's a tricky thing to answer because there are women who engage in a very small amount of lesbian activity in their lives. It would not be accurate to call them gay or even bi, though they might still be open to that. The definition is difficult.

A friend of mine in the business gave me this way of looking at it and I think it's pretty good.

One third of dancers are at least 90% heterosexual. One third are at least 90% homosexual. One third can go either way.

Obviously, this can vary from club to club. Gay women often move in clusters and they bring their friends into the club so there could be a lot working at one club at one time. Some managers don't like having too many gay women on their rosters so there might not be.

Also, lesbians can help create other lesbians.  A number of girls have told me that they never touched another girl until they began dancing.  Then suddenly they were around all these beautiful nude women all the time and they began slapping each other's asses and doing double lap dances where the customer wanted to see the two of them make out.

BTW, I have never noticed any real difference in my strip club experience if the dancer is gay. Some of the hottest dances I've gotten, including extras, have come from dancers who were basically lesbians. One time, a dancer gave me one of the best blow jobs I ever had. When I told her after that her boy friend was a lucky guy, she told me "I don't have a boy friend. Outside the club, I only do women". I would never have suspected that of her based on her performance.

Monday, March 17, 2014

From the Strip Club Hound

In the post I put up yesterday, I said "Every strip club I've ever seen go out of business had a manager who had some bad ideas and was too fucking stubborn to admit they weren't working". I wasn't thinking when I wrote that. I've seen a lot of strip clubs go out of business because the law closed them down or made it too difficult to stay in business. We are about to see the city of San Gabriel try a lot harder to do that to all the strip clubs out there and they will probably succeed.

I have also seen strip clubs go out of business because the partners were fighting and their fight destroyed the club.

What I meant was that I have seen a lot of clubs heading for bankruptcy because of mismanagement and the person in charge does not want to admit he doesn't know what he is doing. Often there is some new policy that destroys the club and the management would rather go out of business than admit their policy was a shit idea.

I will write more about this one of these days.

I have received a couple of questions asking if I post on ZBone or TUSCL or Boned In or any board under some form of the name Strip Club Hound. No, I do not post on any of those boards under any name. I say what I have to say here.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Webcams in Strip Clubs

Please weigh in on the debate on webcams in the strip club. We are raging about it on ZBONE.

Sure. For those of you who don't know, a number of strip clubs are participating in a program where webcams are installed in the club. The prices and what you can see vary from club to club but most of them will show you a live feed of the main stage for a while for free. You can pay to view a camera in the dressing room or to watch the stage longer or sometimes to see one-on-one live webcamming of a dancer. Most of this comes from a company called Strip Clubs Online. You can see some of these webcams online right now at their site.

The current debate on the ZBone site is because Deja Vu North Hollywood has installed these cameras. Their site is online now but as of this moment, it is not live. Dancers were told last week they had to sign a new contract that would allow the Deja Vu company to do this with their images and that if they didn't sign the contract by tomorrow, they would not be allowed to work. Some are choosing to go to other clubs instead. Some are staying but are not happy about it.

I am told there is no increase in pay for the dancers. The website has a feature where if you watch at home, you can tip the dancers from there and even make it rain dollar bills on the stage. I do not know why a guy would want to do this since the dancer cannot reciprocate with friendliness or even know who tipped her. One of the dancers at DVNH told me that the girls will not be receiving this tip money unless it goes over a certain amount that it is unlikely to reach. Some of them were told a story about a dancer in a Vegas club that has this feature who was tipped $2000 by some anonymous person. Even if that is true, it is unlikely to happen to anyone.  You should assume all tip money goes to the club and the operators of the site.

What do I think of this? I think it is another way a strip club has thought of to exploit dancers. It would be one thing if they set up some sort of voluntary webcamming where girls could choose to participate and get a fair share of the money that comes in. Webcamming is a big business. In fact, the strip club industry is losing a lot of good dancers and customers to webcamming.

This is probably the strip club industry's answer to the competition from webcam sites.  However as is typical of the mentality, they are responding by coming up with a way that just takes more from the dancers without offering anything more in return.

I have long felt that the strip club business places too little value on dancers. I do not know the management at DVNH so they may be exceptions but in most clubs, one blonde with big tits is just as good as another blonde with big tits. There are dancers who bring in customers and make the club lots of money but management is too often in denial that a certain girl is valuable to them and should be paid and treated better so she will stick around. Too often, they think that when one of them quits, another one will walk in the door who is just as good.

So if this webcam deal drives good dancers a way, it's bad for the club.  It may drive some of them to set up webcams at home and keep most of the money.

I question how profitable webcams in clubs it can be when they are so impersonal. So we get to see a fuzzy picture of a dancer onstage. How is that a big draw when we can click to a webcam site and see full, clear nudity up close and personal? There is a curiosity to see the dressing room but that can wear off after 10 minutes.

I don't know if the strip club webcams up now are making money. If they are, I don't think it could be much. I would think that as more pop up on the web, they will just divide up the money more. They all seem to be pretty identical.

I can't imagine them driving traffic into a club but maybe some guys will follow their favorites on the webcam and then go in and see them live.

So it is bad idea if it drives good dancers away. It may also drive customers away. Most strip club customers do not want to be seen on camera. Even if their wives or girl friends are unlikely to see them in a strip club that way, they don't like the idea that someone may have video of them sitting there. Of course, most clubs do have security cameras around and if you go to strip clubs, there may have been video taken of you but once they put any live webcam on the web, it reminds people of those cameras and that anyone may see the images.

The webcams I've seen go to some lengths to avoid showing customers. The ones run by Strip Clubs Online have lines over the audience area that make it almost impossible that any more of you can be seen except maybe your hand when you throw out a tip. However, this system may not be foolproof and the fact that it might not be will scare some customers away.

So I think it is a bad idea. That doesn't mean it will go away. Strip clubs like to stick with bad ideas. Every strip club I've ever seen go out of business had a manager who had some bad ideas and was too fucking stubborn to admit they weren't working.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I read a lot of strip club review boards and I am bewildered by terms like High Mileage and Very High Mileage and Ultra High Mileage and Super High Mileage.  I see guys say that a certain club is Low Mileage and then they say a certain girl gives High Mileage.  Can you give me any help here?

I'll try.  Every club has a level of contact that is allowed.  It can change from time to time but at any given time, the dancers know or are supposed to know what is allowed.

The level is the maximum.  This is important to remember.  If a club is High Mileage, that doesn't mean every girl does High Mileage.  It means she can if she wants to.

It is also important to remember that she can pick and choose who she wants to do this or that with.  If you smell or look like a cop or don't tip or you weigh 400 lbs. or you address a dancer as "whore" or you are generally an asshole, some High Mileage dancers might not want to offer you their hottest services.  A lot of High Mileage dancers don't do High Mileage with a customer unless they've seen him in the club a few times.  Some only do it when the rent is due and they're short.

So just because you read on a board that Jasmine gave a guy a CBJ (covered blow job) that doesn't mean you can rush to that club and get the same thing from Jasmine.

A few years ago at a club I was going to, there was one dancer who would almost always whip out my dick, play with it a bit and then take it in her mouth until I came.  She would usually spit the semen into a nearby styrofoam cup but one time, she'd forgotten to bring the cup in so she just swallowed and she told me it tasted pretty good.

I would think most guys reading this would be very happy with any dancer who did that, especially since this one didn't ask for a tip.  She always got a good one from me but she never asked.

I would go on message boards, and see guys say she was Low Mileage.  I guess she was with them.

It may also be true that the guy who posted the review about Jasmine lied and he didn't get a CBJ from her.

Traditionally, the definitions of mileage have to do with the girl having contact with your penis.  Not everyone uses these terms the same way but generally, High Mileage means her hand comes into contact with your penis or maybe her breasts.  Very High Mileage means her mouth comes into contact with your penis.  Ultra High Mileage means your penis goes into her vagina.

However, I have seen guys use these terms to just indicate how hot they found the dance.

They're not very useful terms since guys use them differently and of course, they don't cover all the possibilities.  I had a dancer once tell me she wouldn't touch me but I could jack off on her tits or even her face.  What level of mileage is that?

I have had dancers leave me zipped but put so much friction, usually from their asses, on my crotch that I came in my shorts.  What level of mileage is that?

I think some guys use the terms to indicate how hot a dancer is relative to the standard at their club.  For instance, the clubs in West L.A. are pretty strict about no fucking or sucking.  It happens but not often.  A guy who says he got UHM at one of these may have just had the dancer give him the hottest possible dance she could without violating the rules.

Or he could be full of shit.

If you see a lot of guys bragging about High Mileage at a club, that probably means that's a club where some of the girls offer a lot of High Mileage, VHM or UHM according to the above definitions.  It doesn't mean all the dancers do and it doesn't mean that the ones who do do it with everyone.  All it means is that it's more possible there than in a club where you don't hear about it happening.

As for a club where the word is they're Low Mileage but someone says a certain dancer was High Mileage, he is probably defining High Mileage as high for that club.