Saturday, July 12, 2014

Interview with Kat, Part 2

Why did you start dancing?

A friend got me into it.  She was working at the Deja Vu downtown.  The one near the train station, two or three nights a week.  She had one of those jobs where you work at home.  She sold little crochet things and some weeks, she sold a lot of them and some weeks, none.  It was like the reason I stopped dancing.  She started because she needed another source of income but one where she could pick which weeks to work.  She told me about it and said, "If you ever need any extra income."  Well, at the time, I didn't.  I was going to school and my parents were still supporting me.  Anyway, one day my father had a financial crisis.  He got sued and got hit with a big bill and while he was still willing to support me, I decided I should do something to start paying my own way.  I had six weeks before I went off on a trip to Europe with some friends so it was like, "What can I do to earn some money for six weeks?"  Well, you can't get most jobs for that and then I thought of Ellen dancing.

Had you ever been in a strip club in your life?

Never.  I went into work with her the next night, just to see what it was like and I thought, "Yeah, I could do that."

Was there anything that appealed to you about the job other than the money?

At first, no.  But I kind of liked it.  I danced until I left on my trip and then when I came back, I moved out of my folks' house anyway because it was about time.  My dad still gave me money but dancing helped me out.  Finally, as things got rougher for him, I told him to stop giving me money and he did.  In fact, at one point, I loaned him three thousand dollars.

Did you think it was fun to be on stage naked with all these men drooling over you?

It was kind of like, "Gee, look what I had the courage to do."  Yeah, there was something fun about it.  I was at a party one night and everyone there knew what I did and most of the women were going, "Gee, I wish I had the guts and the self confidence to do that."

It sounds like you made good money.

I did for a while.  I had some wealthy guys who really liked me.  They came in a lot and each one was good for at least $500 a visit.

How many of them got blow jobs for that money?

Some, not all.

How about hand jobs?

All.  I mean, yeah.  I don't mind playing with dicks.  I think they're kind of fun.  I understand why men like to play with them.  My friend Dodie says they're like little pets.  They're cute and they're alive.

And they sometimes squirt all over you.

I had a guy who did that once.  I was playing with his dick and he came, like buckets.  I've never seen so much cum.  If he'd come in my mouth, I would have drowned.  He was real apologetic.  It was in my hair, on my face, on my tits, everywhere.  He gave me the biggest tip of my life.  I walked into the dressing room to clean up and the other girls there applauded me.  One of them asked, "Did that all come out of one dick?"

A lot of guys would be proud of that.

He was a rather shy looking guy.  One of the other dancers had done some porn films.  She said, "Jesus, if that guy was better looking, he could make a fortune."  The next time he came in, she offered to let him shoot all over her for the same tip.  I don't think she was as interested in the money as she was in just, you know, experiencing that.  I guess some girls are into that.

Were you ever approached about doing porn?

Every night, practically.

Real offers or some guy who claimed he was an agent and wanted to take you to his place to shoot test footage?

Who knows?  I wasn't interested.

You must have a story about a really weird customer.

Oh, shit.  Too many.  I had a guy who came in a few times who would tell me in great, explicit detail how he had masturbated thinking of me after our last dance.  He got real graphic describing this imaginary sex we'd had.

Was he waiting for you to say, "Hey, let's go to your place and do all that"?

Probably.  But he made it all sound real gross.

There are some questions my readers want me to ask like if you're 100% straight or bi or what?

Maybe 85% straight.  I prefer men but some women are, well, you know.

Hard to resist?

Something like that.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Seventeen.  We had a little circle of friends, six girls who got together a lot.  It was like a little club without a name and we told each other everything.  I was the only one who hadn't done it and they all said, "What are you waiting for?"  One of the girls, her name was Amy, she had an older brother I thought was real dreamy.  We had a pool party at their place one time and I saw him in his trunks and, wow.  But he had a girl friend and he was pretty steady with her.  So I said, when they asked what I was waiting for, "Some guy like Amy's brother."  Everyone laughed.  The next night, Amy called me and said, "If you're serious about my brother, he thinks you're real cute."  I got really scared.  He was in college or maybe he was about to graduate college.  That was it, I think.  Graduate college.  Anyway, she offered to set it up.  I said, "You didn't tell him that thing about losing my virginity to him, did you?"  She said no so I said, "Okay, set it up."  But she'd lied.  We went out to dinner and had a nice time.  Then we went for a walk through a park and he said to me, "So, I hear you're interested in losing your virginity."  I wanted to go to their house and kill Amy.  

Had he broken up with his girl friend or...

Well, that was it.  They hadn't.  He just liked the idea of taking my virginity.  This was a Friday night and he was going out with her on Saturday.  I felt really weird about it all.  Anyway, I told him I wasn't ready and he was real sweet about it and he took me home and kissed me and told if I was ever ready, he would be honored to be the one and I almost said, "Let's get it over with" but I chickened out.  I went upstairs to my room, flopped down on my bed and thought, "Shit, I should have done it."  So I called him the next day and I asked him to take me out again and do it and we did.  I picked a pretty good guy for my first time.

Did you see him again after that?

One other time.  I was so tense the first time I didn't enjoy it much.  I asked him to take me out again and could we have sex for just pleasure?  That was the first time I had an orgasm not from masturbating.

Were you a big masturbator before that?

I was and I still am.  When I was dancing, I did it on stage once.  It was like a dare.  We all did.

All the dancers?

It was late one night, like 2 AM or so.  There were six guys in the place.  I think there were seven dancers working.  One of them dared each of us to go up there, get naked right away and make ourselves come. One of the girls faked it and we all booed her.  But I did it for real.

What inspired this?

One of the girls was telling us that she knew a male stripper who worked at a gay club.  I guess the guys all wore g-strings but whatever, the last show of the night, the last time on stage, they'd all whip out their dicks and masturbate and actually come.  And they'd come in the mouth of whichever customer at ringside offered the biggest tip.

I'm not sure I believe that.

Whether it's true or not, it's a great story.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Interview with Kat, Part 1

Kat was a dancer at local clubs in L.A. from about 2005 to 2010.  I used to see her at one club in particular and had the pleasure of dancing with her a few times.  She was what most guys would call a high mileage dancer and I thought she was quite beautiful.  She is still quite beautiful and could go back to dancing today if she wanted to but she doesn't want to.

Why did you quit?

I felt my life was in a rut.  I'm not the kind of person who can do the same thing, day in and day out.  I enjoyed dancing but it got to feel like doing the same thing, day in and day out.  Those clubs don't have windows.  There's no sense of time passing.  I would be working and I would suddenly have no idea what time it was.  I'd have to ask someone with a watch and if they said it was 2:00, I'd have to ask AM or PM?  I really lost track.  Sometimes, I would find myself thinking I was near the end of my shift and then find out I had just gotten there.

Was that the only thing that bothered you?

Well, the money.  It wasn't that it was low.  It was just so goddamn unpredictable.  One week, I'd make $1000 and the next week I'd make $300.  I had one week when I made $3000.  I'd look at a new car I wanted to buy and wonder if I could make the payments on it.  In the job I have now, I make less than I made on a good week dancing and more than I made on a bad week but it's predictable.  I know what I can afford and what I can't afford.

I assume on the better weeks, the extra money was because you were giving what they call high mileage dances.

Well, yes but the main difference came from who came in.  I had a couple of guys who tipped real well and when they came in, I did well.  But I couldn't control when they came in and when they didn't.  That was part of the problem.  I felt too much of my income was out of my control.  But it really wasn't just a money thing that caused me to give it up.  It was feeling I was going nowhere.  In my current profession, there's more room to advance and I always know what time it is.

I remember getting dances with you.  They very nice and not just because you went farther than the other girls.

Well, I didn't with everyone.

So I have to ask.  Why me?  But first, here's the question my readers want to know.  How often did you give blow jobs to customers?

Whenever I felt like it.

How often did you feel like it?

That was another unpredictable thing.

Once or twice a week?

More often than that.  Usually, once or twice a night.  But then sometimes, I'd go a week and not do that.  It depended a lot on who came in.  There were some guys I never did that with.

How many did you fuck in the club?

That's easy.  Zero.

You never had full sex with a customer?

In the club, no.

Outside the club?

Well, I dated a few guys.  I don't mean I took them to a motel and fucked them.  I never did that.  I mean real dating without being paid.

So it was easy for a customer to get into your mouth but not into your pussy?

No one got in down below.  And I wouldn't say it was easy to get into my mouth.  Most customers never did.  The ones who did just got in there often.

So once a guy got a blow job from you...?

Every time I blew a guy for the first time, I'd think do I want to blow this guy every time he comes in?  Because you know, once you do it with him, you kind of have to do it every time he comes in.

I think I know the answer to this but why blow jobs and not fucking?

You draw the line.  Sex...full sex, I decided to save that for boy friends.  It's more personal and it's also safer.  In a strip club, it was easier.  I also liked it.

You surprised me by not slipping a condom on me.

I had them.  I always had them in my purse.  I found a kind that didn't taste too much like rubber.  They had a little mint flavor to them.  You seemed clean.

Thank you.

That's a big thing with me.  Guys, if you're reading this, wash your dicks.  If you want a woman to put that thing in her mouth, wash it and then rinse it off so it doesn't taste like soap.  I'll suck your cock for an hour if it's clean.

Do you have any tips in case any women read this?

You had someone on your site.  I think it was your site who said "You have to enjoy it".  Well, I enjoy it.  You have to decide "I'm going to enjoy sucking on a guy's dick".  You can't think "Oh, I'm being a naughty girl.  Maybe I shouldn't".

Swallow? Spit?

It depends on my mood and the guy. Do guys really care?

Some do. I get the feeling more guys care about it when watching porn than care about it in real life. It's very sexy to see a woman do that but once you come, you aren't horny and when you aren't horny, you don't care. You usually are horny when watching porn. I had a girl friend once who as I got close, used to say, "I want to swallow your cum. Please cum for me so I can swallow your cum." That helped to make me cum but once I did, she just spit it out into a Kleenex and I didn't care. Hey, there's a good question. What can a guy say during sex that will help you to cum?

He can tell me how turned on he is. He can tell me how I'm the sexiest woman he's ever had.

During sex, most guys think the woman they're with is the sexiest woman they've ever had. So no fucking ever in the club?

No but you know, I wouldn't think of that as fucking. It wouldn't be about me getting off. In one of those cramped little booths with the guy fully dressed except his pants are down or his dick is out, that's not what I think of as fucking.

I interviewed another dancer who felt like you. In fact, I think I've talked to several who felt that way. Sex is something you do in a bed with foreplay and taking your time and both of you getting naked...


And no exchange of money.

Yeah. And I don't need to fuck in a strip club to show a guy a good time.

I think most males would be very happy to go to a club and get a blow job like you used to give. I should have asked you this. Are you married now?

No. Actually, I've never been married like standing in front of a preacher and saying, "I do." This one guy and I lived together for a few years but now we don't.

Any particular reason why?

I'd rather not talk about it. It had nothing to do with dancing.

Okay, tell me this. Did that guy get a lot of blow jobs?


Which did he like better? Blow jobs or fucking?

He had trouble making up his mind. "What would you like?" "I can't decide."

Did he know you'd been a dancer?

He knew me when I was a dancer. He was the friend of a guy I was dating when I was dancing. That guy and I broke up and years later, I ran into the friend in a Target store and we got to talking and we started going out.

Did he ever get a blow job from you in the club?

No, because he was my boy friend's friend. He'd come in and get dances from any girl in the place except me.

I understand that.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I wonder if you have any comment on the lawsuit that has been filed against the Paradise Showgirls club in City of Industry.  Why would a club have a policy of refusing admission to single women?  Did you have that policy at the club you managed?

Here is a news item about this matter.

LOS ANGELES ( — An El Segundo woman is suing a strip club after she was allegedly barred from entering the establishment without being accompanied by a male.

Tamara Yatkin, 54, filed the complaint Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Paradise Showgirls located at 14310 Valley Blvd. in City of Industry.

According to the lawsuit, Yatkin went to the club on June 29, 2013, on the recommendation of a longtime customer. Upon her arrival, she asked the doorman about the cover charge and whether the club accepted discounts from other clubs, the lawsuit states.

After the doorman told Yatkin the price and asked her if she was alone, she was told “she had to be accompanied by a man to enter the club,” according to the lawsuit.

When an “incredulous” Yatkin asked the doorman if he was joking, the unidentified man replied, “It is policy,” the suit states.

According to the lawsuit, Yatkin “reassured the man that she was not a problem, that she was a lesbian who wanted to spend money and have a good time,” but the doorman refused to allow her to enter the club.

She is seeking an injunction preventing the club from requiring lesbians and other females to be accompanied by a man before they are allowed inside, as well as unspecified damages.

A representative of Paradise Showgirls was not immediately available for comment.

My first comment is that I went to that club a few years ago.  If it's still like it was then, anyone who is refused admittance is being done a great favor.

My second comment is that this sounds like something that will be settled very quickly.  The club will decide if it wants to change its policy.  If it does, they will issue an apology to Ms. Yatkin and offer her some compensation.  If she expects a lot of money, I think she will have a hard time proving she suffered much damage.  If it does not wish to change its policy, I think they will spend more money fighting the case than it would to settle and if they fight, they would have an uncertain outcome.

My club had no such policy.  We did admit unescorted women but I don't recall any who were there for lap dances or because they were Lesbians.  We had a few women who came to see friends dance and we had a number who came in to check out the place to see if they wanted to apply to work there.

I am not saying we never had a solo Lesbian customer.  We may have.  I wasn't there every minute.

If a woman had come in and wanted to pay the price and the drink minimum, I wouldn't have cared what her interest was as long as she was of legal age.  We did have dancers giving laps to women who came in with a boy friend or husband.

You ask why clubs would bar single women.  I heard two reasons from others in the business why some clubs had that policy.  One was a fear that hookers would come in and try to pick up guys to leave the club with them or meet them outside.  I have never heard of a case of that actually happening anywhere but maybe it did once somewhere.

The other reason I heard was that some managers were afraid it would make male customers uncomfortable to have a woman around competing with them for dancers.  I don't think that makes a lot of sense either.

It's a stupid policy.  It should be changed.  If Ms. Yatkin gets it changed there and discourages other clubs from having that policy then good for her.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Being a Regular

Thank you for keeping this site, there is a lot of good advice here.  Over the last few months I have been visiting a strip club regularly.  I have been spending a decent amount of money and tip well.  The girls have started to notice.  I have been mostly seeing one girl, with occasionally getting dances from others.  What seems to be happening, is that  the other girls think that I am only interested in this one girl and seem to back-off on approaching me, specially since she does spend a lot of time with me, and basically doesn't leave me by myself.  The company is nice, but the dances aren't the best.   I have patience, and am not in a rush.

This brings up the question: if you are a regular, is it better to concentrate on one girl, or is it better (to get more mileage ) to have 2 or 3 or more girls, to make the girls compete a little.   Would a girl give you more mileage, if they feel/think that you only see them, and therefore, spend most of your money on them, and will trust you more?  Or will they do better if they had a little fear that they can lose your business?

It is better to concentrate on the girl you like the most.

Generally speaking, if a dancer is getting steady business from you, she will continue to give you the same dances.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

With most dancers, the mileage improves as they get to know you but you always have to remember that some girls have limits to how far they'll go.  A lot of them can't be pressed to go past that limit.  Sometimes, it is not a matter of trust.  You merely have to accept that this dancer or that dancer won't do what you wish they would do.

If one girl is monopolizing you and scaring the other dancers away, that can be a problem.  You might need to go in when that one girl is not working.  In most clubs, it is considered bad form for a dancer to try and move in on someone else's regular when she's there.

The lady I'm currently dating used to work at the Jet Strip and she happens to be here right now.  I just showed her your message and she said I should tell you that when she was dancing, she had a strict limit of how far she would go with any customer.  No amount of familiarity or even money would get her to go past that limit and she thinks most girls are like that.

A big mistake guys make with women is to assume they're all alike and if one dancer will blow you, they all will if the circumstances are right.  This is not true.  You sometimes have to accept that a dancer is not going to do what you want and move on to another dancer.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Unique Customers

I have been asked to recall some of the unusual customers who were seen in the strip club I managed.  Today, something some said to me reminded me of Harry the Panty Collector.

His name probably wasn't Harry.  I think that was just a name one of the girls gave him.  He was a plain looking man in his forties who would come in and offer to buy pieces of the dancers' outfits.  If a girl was wearing a bikini bottom, Harry would offer a good price for it.

We can all guess what he did with them.

He paid good money.  When the girls saw him come in, they would all race back to the dressing room and change into something they were willing to sell.  A couple of the girls had gone to a store called Pic & Save that sold cheap junk and they'd bought a lot of bikini briefs for 50 cents or a dollar each.  They could sell a pair to Harry for $50.

Nice profit.

I don't remember much more about him.  Over a year, he probably bought between 30 and 40 briefs from dancers.  Once in a while, he would buy the whole outfit but usually it was just the bottoms.  He would make the deal with a dancer and then the next time she was on stage, when she took off her bottom, she would throw it to Harry.  I wonder if he still has them all.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Strip Club Etiquette Question

You seem to know a lot about how guys should conduct themselves in a strip club.  Here is a concern of mine that I have never seen discussed.

I have this friend I'll call Bob.  We are regulars at Deja Vu North Hollywood and Bob has gotten friendly with a dancer there I'll call Bambi.  That is not the name she dances under there.  I think she is the best looking girl in the place and the hottest dancer.  Bob and Bambi have started dating outside the club and it is a real relationship, not pay for play.  They go out at least one night a week and he and I go to the club one night a week.  When we go in, he gets a dance from Bambi and spends maybe $100-$150 on her.

The mileage at DVNH is limited.  You can touch most of the girls all over and they'll play with your dick through your pants or grind hard on it but I don't think there is any fucking or sucking.  Bob gets that from Bambi outside the club.  They are very close and it would not surprise me if they moved in together soon or even got married.

I have two questions.

Isn't it a little weird for a guy to go in and pay to touch a girl in the club when the next night, he will be fucking her for nothing?  I know a lot of dancers have boy friends or even husbands.  Do the guys come in and pay the girls for dances and then sleep with them later that night?

Would it be wrong for me to get a private dance from Bambi?  She really is hot and of course she does dances with total strangers all the time.  But she is my best friend's girl.

The answer to the first question is that it's not unprecedented.  Some guys get really turned on to go in and have a private dance from a girl knowing they'll be humping her soon.

Actually, something I noticed many times over the years was that the boy friend or husband would come into the club to watch his lady dance and to watch other men drool over her.  It turns some guys on to think "You lust after her but I get to fuck her".

Also, your friend Bob may just enjoy that strip club and the relationship he has with her in there.  It's different from home.  At home, he has some responsibility to treat her as an equal and to care about her pleasure when they are in bed together.  In the lap dance booth, he's the boss and he doesn't have to care if she comes or even gets turned on by the experience.

It's also a way to give her a little money she might need.  She might need money but not want to accept any from him when they are in bed in private because that would be uncomfortable.  However, he could give her a big tip in the strip club.

Do I think it's weird?  Not very.  I have done the same thing myself with strippers I was dating.

As for whether it would be wrong for you to get a dance from her, that would depend on your relationship with Bob.  Some guys wouldn't give a shit.  Others would think that because you know her outside the club, she's his girl friend more than she is a dancer.  If I were you, I'd find another dancer I liked at the club.  What you might do though is tell Bambi "You're beautiful and I'd spend all my money on you instead of that other girl if you weren't Bob's lady friend".  She might go and ask Bob if it's okay with him and then if Bob gets mad at you, you can say, "Oh, I was just saying that to flatter her.  I wouldn't get a dance from her".

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Overcounting, Continued

Not exactly "overcounting" but related. Several clubs in the Detroit area offer half-price dance days. Usually this gets me dances for half the usual rate. Occasionally, however, I have gotten dances from a dancer who announced well into the dances that she does not honor the half-price rate and I will owe full price. What, other than not getting any more dances from her, should I do about this extortion?

It's simple. To prevent this in the future, always confirm the price with the dancer before you get the dances.

In that case, I would have refused to pay the full price. If she complained to the management and they sided with her, I would get the hell out of that club and never go back. In that case, it would have been the club that cheated you, not the dancer.

Another trick to watch out for is the secret time change. Let's say dances at a club are $10 until 2 PM and $20 after. You take a dancer to the private area at 1:55 and get four dances, some of which start after 2 PM. What do you pay for the dances? Confirm before you start that the lower price will apply to all the dances for this visit to the private area. Confirm it with the dancer and if a different person takes the money, confirm it with them.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Overcounting (continued)

Regarding the previous message on this topic, a commenter wrote

Hound, How did you or would you handle this in your club? Would you handle things different if the girl was a high earner for you? Also, what's the most unique dancer hustle you've heard of or have witness?

I can only recall a few times when this kind of dispute came up and when it did, it was usually the customer trying to weasel out of paying for all the dances he had or there was one time the guy was just too drunk to count properly.

If I thought the guy was deliberately lying, I would usually make him pay the full amount.  If I thought he was mistaken and it was only a difference of one dance, I would let him pay for the amount he believed if he seemed to be the kind of customer I wanted to come back.  I was very sparing about this because I was giving away the dancer's money.  If he was mistaken by two, I told him we'd split the difference.

I never had this problem with a dancer who'd been there any length of time.  The reason was that the dancers in my club weren't the official counter of dancers.  We had a floater guy who noted when the girl went into the booth with the guy and when she came out.  These guys were usually accurate.

The only time there was a confusion would be if the customer and dancer went back into the booth just seconds after a new song started.  The girl was supposed to leave the curtain open and wait for the next song to start and during that time she might sit on the guy's lap and cuddle and get friendly.  Sometimes, she forgot and closed the curtain and the floater started counting prematurely.  In those cases, I always decided in favor of the customer.

We did have a couple of new girls who tried lying about the number of dances.  One time, the floater said it was three and the customer said it was three but the girl insisted it had been five.  I went over to her and said "Five songs ago, you were on stage".  I told girls not to try that shit in my club.  Those girls didn't stick around long for a number of reasons.

I don't know what the weirdest hustle was.  We had one girl who would try this trick when dances were $20 each.  She would tell the guy that tonight, there was a special and the dances were two for $20 or six for $50 so the guy would take her back and do six.  Then she would say something like "This is a new thing they're trying on Tuesdays".

The guy would say "It's Wednesday" and she would say "Oh my god, I'm sorry.  I screwed up."  She would start fake crying and get all panicked and she would say "If you don't pay $120, they're going to take the difference out of my pay and I won't be able to make my rent".  The guy would usually be gallant and agree to pay $120 even though he'd never have gotten that many dances if he'd known the price.

When I found out about this, I got rid of her.  I'll try and think of other examples.

Monday, May 19, 2014

I Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog

Are you posting on other strip club message boards as SCHOUND?

No, I don't post on other boards about strip clubs. I only post on this one.

Online Reviews

I have taken to consulting a relatively new strip club board called BonedIn.  It is a very useful site because many of the clubs in the Southern California area post roll calls on it.

As you may know, I think one of the many signs of a badly managed club is that the managers don't take every advantage to promote their clubs via Twitter and other social media.  I cannot for the life of me understand why every strip club doesn't send out four or five Tweets per day listing their current lineup and promoting any special prices or special events.

If you're a strip club and men are subscribing to your Twitter feed, that proves they are interested in coming to your strip club.  That is your target audience.  Why are you not taking the opportunity to send free advertising to your target audience?  Can you imagine a plumber who has the chance to send free ads to people who need plumbing?  What kind of way is that to run a business?

Some of the dancers who are making money these days in clubs are doing this because their clubs don't do that.  A common complaint of guys who go to strip clubs these days is that the dancers don't circulate.  They spend most of their time in the dressing room or sitting off in some corner of the club on their iPhones.

Well, what a lot of those girls are doing is sending Tweets and emails to guys and saying "I'm dancing right now and I would love to see you".  There are several dancers who Tweet me photos of themselves to entice me to come in and buy dances from them.

Why the fuck isn't the club doing that???

Many clubs do not Tweet their roll calls or do not Tweet them promptly.  They do not post them on their websites.  Some of them don't even update their websites.  They don't use BonedIn or ZBone or even Facebook to remind their customers that they're open and that the place if full of hot girls.

I can understand if you have a weak lineup of dancers.  I think most guys assume that if the club doesn't post its roll call it's because they don't have a club full of hot girls.  They have three oldies and fatties.

I do understand though why some of them don't participate in ZBone or BonedIn.  Some clubs have even asked to have their pages on those sites removed.  This is because some of what gets posted on a website like that is mean and some of it is inaccurate and some of it is just plain bullshit.

Dancers have told me in the last few years of times when they were slandered on boards by sicko customers.  They turn a guy down for extras and the next thing they know, the guy is on some website calling them names and saying they ripped him off.

There are dancers who do rip guys off.  There are also customers who lie about dancers cheating them or who lie about dancers fucking them.  I have seen both happen.

I have also seen one strip club have guys post shit about other clubs and dancers at those clubs.  It is a way of driving people away from the competition.

The trouble of course is that there is no policing of this.  If you're a dancer and some guy posts bullshit about you, what can you do?  It may harm your income.  These days in a lot of clubs, the dancers don't make so much that they can afford to lose customers to lies.

Recently, I posted this message from a dancer whose income was crippled by an asshole who wrote lies about her on the internet.  It is a perfect example of what I'm talking about here.  Even if 95% of what is posted is true, the other 5% still does damage.

One guy on BonedIn recently posted the name of a dancer and a club and he said that his dancer gave him a blow job and he got a disease from it.

Is this true?  We will never know.

Even if the message has been taken down by the time you read this, a lot of guys will have read it.  The management of BonedIn cannot be expected to police their boards day and night for that kind of thing.

If you read that message, how likely are you to go patronize that dancer?  How likely are you to even set foot in that club?

The message may be true and it may be false but the damage has been done. 

What can the girls do when someone posts horrible things about them, true or not?  Often, they complain to the management of the club.  I would bet that some of the clubs that have withdrawn from BonedIn and ZBone have done this for that reason.  This is not a good solution.

The only solution I see is that someone needs to set up something like BonedIn that only posts roll calls.  I wish there were a dozen different sites that posted reviews and one good one that just handled roll calls.  When BonedIn started, that was what I thought it was going to be.

The reviews are a valuable service.  The roll calls are a valuable service.  However, the reviews are now preventing the roll calls from being reported so something is wrong.

There is one other thing the boards are good for.  You see a lot of messages from sharp, clever guys.  You also see messages that you can only look at and think "Boy, that guy has a real problem with women".

I used to see guys like that in my club.  They couldn't relate to women in their normal lives.  They felt rejected, humiliated or they just couldn't talk to women.  They developed a hate for women and when their dicks urge to come near one, they go to strip clubs and because the girl is in charge and they have to pay the girl, they get angrier and angrier at women.

You see messages like this on some of the boards.  They're not a majority but they are there.

The reason they're so angry is that they never have satisfying experiences with women unless they're paying and often they don't even get them when they're paying.

Do you want to know how to get dancers and women in general to treat you better?  Read those messages and then try to be nothing like those guys.